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Instructions, Tips & Ideas  

From here on out,
Most of the instructions are posted on the

Coastmans YouTube Channel
as videos. 

You can get there by going to Google
or your other favorite search engine
and typing:

"Coastmans Youtube"

or you can just


The current list of YouTube videos includes the following:

HO Scale Sawdust Burner (2 hrs 44 minutes)

HO Scale Wood Chip Loader Bonnet Tip (3 minutes)

HO Conveyor Belts (22 min)

Measuring the real sawdust burner (13 min)

Bay City to Batterson run on the Oregon Coast RR, HO (6 min)

Cape Blanco Lighthouse Diorama S scale (28 min)

Sikh Temple Diorama Vancouver Is Canada O scale (15 min)

Rodge Podge #2 Flower Pots (O scale) (8 min)

Making a Small Diorama (HO scenery) (7 min)

Making 7" Fir Trees (2.5 min)

Making Better Logs (6 min)

Adding Dead Branches to Fir Trees (3 min)

Some of these videos are also available below,
and some of the videos below are not yet on Coastmans YouTube. 

If a video here plays slowly, try the YouTube channel, it may play better.

New tree-making coverage shared at the 1/15/23 NMRAx presentation

Here's a few shorter videos of Roger making fir trees.

This is a quick rundown on how trees can be put together

A copy of the written instructions that come with every fir tree kit

ALSO On Video

Here's one about improving the look of model logs

Basic Diorama 101


Boiling cedar trunks makes them softer and pliable enough to bend the bases. This is an important step for making Double Trunk Trees or any tree with a realistic curved base.

O Scale Flowers

Always more coming

Also at YouTube

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