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Our Craftsman Series Trees are the first-stop "ReadyMade" option.

We use the very same techniques as with the Premium series trees.
They are Handmade in the USA!


Here's what the CRAFTSMAN Trees have:

  • Highly detailed Green Foliage construction

  • Cedar-wood trunks (a wood known as Port Orford Cedar)

  • Highlight colors already added to the branches

  • A light application of what I call "dead needle" effect

  • Articulate but durable factory-made construction using the most advanced techniques


Craftsmans can be used as they are or finished to your needs.  You will save time and money, and still have the highest quality product.

  • Craftsmans are available in four heights: 7", 9", 11", and 13 inches.

  • Quantities depend on the height chosen.

  • We also have assortment packages.

Short Video of Craftsman 7s
Short Video of Craftsman 9s
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