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Layouts and dioramas thrive on dramatic scenes.  Scenery is no exception. Wooded areas, mountainous passes, ranches, and fields all have details to draw the viewer in.  Incorporating the best rocks and trees are as old as the hobby itself! That’s why I offer the Premium fir trees.

                “Dead branches” are first carefully positioned using a fast-tack system.  Branches are then coated with more durable material.  The end result is a limb that hangs from the tree at a realistic angle.  Numerous, sometimes elaborate limbs can be positioned closely together using this technique. 

For a truly realistic, up-front fir tree, you can’t go wrong with the limbs and roots afforded by our Premium trees.  And remember, I offer the same materials and methods I use in the form of the Fir Tree Kits.

Available in:

  • Assortment Packs

  • All Same Size


  • Double Trunk Trees

  • Partial Snag Trees

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The latest group of trees turned out very well. My layout is starting to look like it has some real forests.Thanks for your work!

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