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Clearance Items

Surplus Detail Items in S Scale 1/64

These were custom made for a large diorama project now featured at Cape Blanco, the arguably most western point on the US mainland. They were used for the purpose of constructing (pardon me...EXTREMELY) detailed buildings custom made in S scale for the Cape Blanco Lighthouse Diorama.  This can be found on the internet somewhere if you look for it. Then you can really see what we are talking about here as far as quality.

Some of the windows here are handmade from basswood with operating sashes.  Those were the preliminaries that ultimately led to acquisition of 3D printing tech here.

Plenty of that picket fence to go around!!!!!

Porch stairs, very unique chimneys, a TINY version of the lighthouse Frenel lens (this one would be great for N scale)

Everything you see was custom designed and developed from the original architectural documents used to make the real buildings at the turn of the century.

These are the leftovers that weren't perfect or there were too many or (more often than not) they were 0.001mm out of whack.


If you are an S-scaler then this is worth picking up for making structures.

Steel Ruler Not Included, for size estimation only.

Sorry but I cannot address questions related to the dimensions of these parts.

(You will need to estimate from the photos how large something is).

Coastmans ALWAYS has Port Orford Cedar Sawdust on sale. This is sifted, graded sawdust with a light aromatic quality not found in other products. It is NOT evaluated for dryness and is in fact wet when collected. It is obtained from a local mill here in southern Oregon. 

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