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11-6-22 recycler 1.jpg

new shipment of Quality Recycled Steel

Our chap Citrus the Steel Recycler is so happy he's crying with this new load of steel that came in. This is super-clean stuff with no trash, zinc, aluminum...wait a minute, is that a window frame? I thought this was a clean load??!!! ....  So it goes, he'll sort it out.  Anyhoo, he'll have that gon loaded up in no time; you can see it's almost full. 

There's always been truckloads from the south, but never anything like this.  We're not really sure where it's all coming from. We kinda wonder if ol' Jim down there in P.O. mighta folded up.  Who knows.  

It's November now. Somebody's gotta put the cover on the back of that cat before it really starts raining. This is going to be one muddy mess!

Good stuff! Wait 'till they see all this goodness in PDX! They'll be takin' off their hats!!!


(Nice trucks, man!)

to be continued!

farm w coop 1.jpg

Updated 10/5/22 finally added some grass and briars to this stretch and now working on getting that chicken coop assembled! Still needs more weeds, some taller grass, etc. :)

I would love to share information and techniques, so please email me with any questions (or concerns!). Thanks! -Rog

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