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Foliage Material

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These exclusive Green Branches make it easier than ever to make quality, tall fir trees for your layout

The principle for using this foliage is simple:

Just tear off a chunk and stick it on the trunk!

Made from coconut husk "coir" fibers, white glue, and our own green flocking material designed specifically for modeling evergreen fir trees.

This material is like no other available today.

FS GB (13 of 13).jpg
GB FS SD tear5 closeup.jpg
GB FS SD tear7 SUPERcloseupT4.jpg

The material tears easily with your fingers. You can make whatever size pieces you need.

Close up. You can see the coir fibers that give the material body and strength. Our own green turf is a very fine color to model tall, old-growth trees.

Green Branches Foliage comes in two varieties: Thick and Thin

GB FS SD THN HatHands  dogear (1 of 1)_edited.jpg
GB FS SD THK HatHands  PEEL (1 of 1)_edited.jpg


What's the difference? 

  • The THIN material has one layer of coir fiber and one layer of green flocking. The original notion was that it could be used on smaller trees because it is thinner. However, in practice, we found good results using thin material on any size tree.


  • The THICK material is essentially two thin layers on top of each other. These can pretty much peel apart into two thin layers. You have to do the separating, but you essentially end up with two Thin sheets, plus extra loose turf.

So, it really just depends on how many trees you plan to make.
BOTH works will all sizes of trees.
BOTH look great!

In summary, the THIN material costs a little less, but you don't get as much of it.
In my humble opinion, the THICK material is way worth the small increase in price!

Green Branches Foliage - FULL-SHEETS 16" x 24"

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