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Chainsaws and Dragsaws are ready. The dragsaw blades are a separate and very thin PLA 3D print.  That's a slider gallery above, so just click on the arrows right or left to see the next photo. All saws come unpainted unless you bribe me with...I'm thinking.



Both HO and N scale kits are now available. The framework and bonnet are filament-printed PLA. On the HO scale model, the feeder/nozzle, ground-based gearmotor, and electrical panel are resin-printed details. On the N scale version they are now cast metal. I'm not completely sure, but this might be the only available kit in N scale for a chip loader (??).

      The back end of the feeder nozzle will fit 1/8" polystyrene tubing in HO, and 1/16" in N. The "cables" from which the bonnet hangs are quite thin. This affords hanging without having to level it. There are three different sizes. Shown above are the longest ones, and I made sets 18" and 36" shorter. They are not adjustable in that glue is needed to keep them in place. However, one set could be interchanged for another IF the glue used was removable, i.e. canopy or something that might peel away later.  There is also an included tool that snaps onto the frame which holds the bonnet in place while you fuss with the hangers.

      The design is a conglomerate of several loaders I reviewed from online photos.  I just chose characteristics I liked in each.  The wooden electrical "shed" won't be part of the kit, but the resin or cast metal electrical panel is included. I made the shed from bits of scrap stained basswood I had on hand and some Campbell's scale corrugated roofing.


     Thanks for checking back!    :)


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