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IF DETAIL is what you're after, you'll find it in these hand-crafted models of stumps. Each is handmade here at our small factory in Oregon, where there is no shortage of prototype stumps to gather ideas. You will find plenty of rooty-details on each, which begin as a dowel or portion of sage with a distinctive cut on the top. Some are older cuts, while others have a freshly cut look. Mosses and lichens are usually seen on stumps in this area, and that is how we normally model them here. But it is possible to find cleaner, drier stumps washed up on the beach or along the side of a river bank. We can make those too. Taller stumps, shorter stumps, and many sizes available. No matter what kind of stump you need to fill that special location, Coastmans has a stump for you.  Check out our selection below and we'll get to choppin' for ya!

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Choose the size you want:

 5/16" - 3/8" - 1/2" or diameter

(approximate, measured at the top)

Stump Sizes.jpg

Conversions:   5/16" = 27" HO.     3/8" = 33" HO.    1/2" = 44" HO.

Choose the look you want:

  •  Fresh Cut

  • Aged Cut

Stump Sizes.jpg
Stump Sizes.jpg

Now you're ready!

Special Stumps_edited.png


I offer a sloped-root option to better fit hillsides.  45-degree slope is my current offering. Flexible roots may be the way of the future but I don't have them just yet.

stump FRESH CUT and 45 CUT   2.jpg
stump TIPOVER 2_edited.jpg


Often used to block the entrances to logging roads & areas, also found washed up on the river bank or on the beach.  I add extra rooty-details to tipped-over stumps.



A point of interest idea that makes you wonder what happened!

stump TALL Hollow 45 faceon 2.jpg
stump KICKBACK 2.jpg



The CLASSIC Barber's Chair can't be beat for danger-drama.  If you aren't yet familiar with what a barber's chair stump is, or how it happens, check out this YouTube video and further explanations.

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