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Hollow Logs_edited.png

Load nature onto your sidetracks! Hollow logs are the perfect nesting spot for rabbits, squirrels, badgers, mice, snakes, rats and all our favorite creatures.  Logs are drilled out with our special jig on both ends, leaving only a thin casing, essentially "bark" which extends about one inch into the hole on average.  We color the outside, and you can customize them from there. Some of the ends are broken, then drilled, for a "splintered" look.  Others are more or less trimmed off square. Four logs per bag plus some extra odds & ends.  Need animals for your logs?  Check out this Kleintier Set from BUSCH, perfect for your hollow log scene.  (Animals not included in our Hollow Logs).


Twisting off the ends of the Hollow Logs will help simulate decay.


HOLLOW Logs...perfect for a wildlife scene!

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Regular Bird Nests

Place a truly eye-catching scene in your forest without doing hardly anything!  These Bird's Nests are perfect for use with Preiser's 10169 Birds of Prey.  The nests are made from tiny real wooden sticks that are held together with white glue.  They are great for HO, S, and O.  Approximately 1/4" diameter.  Made right here in our tiny factory, Port Orford, Oregon, USA.


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Osprey Bird Nests


Photo by Richard Lee on Unsplash

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OSPREY Bird's Nests are made with the same materials as Regular Bird's Nests, they're just a bit larger.  That's because real osprey nests are huge!  And they will make nests in all sorts of places, particularly high up in telephone poles, atop pilings, and of course, in the trees, especially the snags. Ours range 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter. The superb detail is obtained only by using natural materials. As always, 100% USA-made stuff, right here, Port Orford.  You'll just need an osprey. Or maybe a few eggs.  Quinoa anyone?

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