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let's trade up!


So What's The Deal?


As I am constructing my own layout, I am searching for detail items I will otherwise purchase from the hobbyshop, ebay, or elsewhere. But there's so much stuff already out there.  It'd be so much more fun to make trees directly for the details I am looking for!


Consider a generous trade for model fir trees for you quality HO scale details.  Just to give you an idea, I am currently looking for the following (all HO scale):

  • Straddle Carrier. I'd trade four Premium trees for one of these! Kit or built. Must be 1960s+ and of great quality.

  • Forklift - a good one for a package of Craftsman Trees

  • Lumber Loads - Well done loads always considered! Wrapped versions too! I have several Hampton Lumber centerbeams I need to fill.

  • Stacks of lumber - for my two mills

I also have plenty of highly-detailed resin castings including engines

I have PLENTY of HO mufflers and auto parts in cast alloy. (I don't even have the mufflers up here on the site yet! They are amazing!)

I can even design and print you something in 3D from scratch!  I have both resin and filament printers here running every day.

Let me know what you have and what trees you want! Let's negotiate!

Thanks for your consideration.



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