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Rail service at a Log Yard, North Bend, OR
1/87 Diorama 2015
1/87 Diorama 2015

Coastmans offers Scale Model Logs in 1/87 HO, N, O, and S scales. Made from Port Orford Cedar, they have ingrained bark texture and prototypical color. On the inside, they remain the original wood color, so you can cut them and they'll look like a real log. Perfect for a logging scene on your layout.


5/16 " Log


1/2 " Log

Coastman's logs are made from the same dowel material from which we fashion our tapered tree trunks.  The smallest one use bamboo and the larger ones use cedar.  All logs come with bark detail and coloring.  When you cut the log, the inside with be a lighter color just like when you cut a real log.  This can be further stained to a yellow-orange hue if desired. Some, but not all, logs may have a tapered shape. This helps with realism for log loads, etc.

We have the following sizes and packages available:

  • 3/16" diameter, 8 inch length, bamboo material, one dozen.

  • 5/16" diameter, 10 inch length, white cedar material, one dozen.

  • 3/8" diameter, 8  or 10 inch length, white cedar, one dozen.

  • 1/2" diameter, 12 inch length, white cedar, SIX in a package.

  • 3/4" diameter, 8" minimum length, up to 14", white cedar, sold by the each.

Click on the View Product button to get more details about any particular item.


3/4" diameter. Some logs may have a taper. The internal material is a light wood tone. No growth rings: sorry!


Logs, 3/4ths dia, length varies minimum 8" to 14", dark color/dyed, Port Orford cedar

Lathe turned, Bob Barker machine PLUS hand-engraved bark detail. Colored with the same color as all the other logs & trunks. Price is for one log, each ranges 8" minimum length, up to 14". I will ship the longest logs first! Always more coming too.

 Purchase Here

Please Note:
The color / tone of each log may vary (and should!). These photos depict logs of the lightest color I produce. If logs are too dark, the color can be adjusted by boiling in water for a few minutes and drying.

Custom Larger Logs are available...Email for a quote!


Pilings are dowel cutoffs from the production of fir tree trunks and logs.  These are great for building docks and larger scale trestles (like O scale). I currently have gobs of them so I put them on sale.  Made from Port Orford Cedar, of course!  And always Made In USA.


Keep it movin' with this HO scale logging grapple.  Very nice hydraulic cylinder detail. It is however static / non-functioning, non-positioning.  I paint them a "faded construction equipment yellow" and you can take it from there.  At least one for every layout!

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