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01/09/2024: Joe Destito shared this layout shot featuring many Coastmans trees that I made, plus others! Thank you, Joe! -R
6/5/23: Bob Bandy and Tim McMahon have been busy putting together double-trunk trees and more for the Grand Pacific Northwestern (HO). This is a tough, gnarly group of firs that refuse to fall off the cliff. A sign of possible weather on that bridge! Thanks for sharing, Tim!
6/5/23: Another one I was sent a couple months ago from the GPNW crew. Just remember that it takes some force to remove a top like that. Beware the bridge! :) -R

Wayne and I traded: My redwood trunks for his amazing plaster rockery and I definitely got the better end of the deal. But here's what he did with those trunks: Redwoods! Thanks Wayne!

I just love that log truck modeling! Burners and Mill by Dennis Aust. Thanks Dennis! -R

Alan Cox shared the Crab Pots he made from the kit! Thank you, Alan!

charles Cebula 10-14-22 (1).jpg
charles Cebula 10-14-22 (3).jpg

Charles Cebula shared these photos of his layout featuring several makes of custom fir trees. Thank you, Charles! -R

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