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Interspersed with making trees, I will make custom dioramas and structures. Often now I am freelancing structures and dioramas just-for-fun, but I can also meet customer needs.  You will find some examples here, but my portfolio can be seen on my sister website, Coastal Modelworks.  I'm always working on something. Feel free to drop me a line via email and maybe I can do something for you. Sometimes if I work something up for my own HO railroad, I will make a copy and post it here.  Also I have designed many intricate 3D printed parts, more than I can remember, so just ask if you are looking for something.  If I can squeeze something into the busy schedule, I will do it!!!  I love to see other modelers happy and also tackle some of these technological hurdles for them.

Coastal Modelworks has been my portfolio website for model making for over ten years. This site contains models of all scales and needs.  Many are for museums and architects, but several are HO scale.  For a more in-depth look at the models I've made over the past 30 years, check out Thanks!

Dioramas For Sale


A few Example Projects

  • Sikh Temple

  • Sawdust Burners

  • Warehouse facade

  • Small dioramas

  • Wall dioramas

  • Grain elevators


A video about how this was made

DS Bldg 03 angle1.jpg
DS Bldg 10 blower vent.jpg

3D printed roof vents

Warehouse Facade 2" deep


3DP Electrical

DS Bldg 05 wheel n box.jpg

3DP Rollers

07 redc.jpg

Custom Diorama for customer

Detail on the Tillamook Grain Coop Elevator, 3D-printed, HO scale, on my layout. More of these kinds of parts are available!

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