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Oregon Coast 1/624 scale

Beyond making trees, I make custom dioramas and structures. The majority of my models can be seen on my other website, As pertains to model railroading, have posted a few examples here.  

     Since 2019, I have designed many intricate 3D printed parts; Windows, doors, industrial things, and more than I can remember. Don't be shy to ask if you are looking for something specific. More than once, this has resulted in the development of a new item. I love to hear of your ideas, and help tackle some of the technological hurdles. Most of all, I love to see other satisfied modelers!

port orford heads


Port Orford Heads State Park

scale: 1/624

Port Orford, Oregon 97465

Model Commissioned 2010

Delivered 2012

5' x 5' diorama

Includes hiking trails and historically relevant details.

Over 2,000 2" trees to represent the appreciable spruce.

See more at


cape blanco lighthouse

Cape Blanco Lightstation, c. 1909

Cape Blanco State Park

Sixes, Oregon 97476

Model Commissioned 2018

Delivered 2019

4' x 4' diorama in 1/64  "S" scale

Includes lighthouse c.1909, Keepers Quarters x 2, and grounds.

"Traditional" model construction combined with 3D printed features.

See more at

sikh temple b.c. canada c. 1940


A video about how this model was made

paia, maui, hawaii c.2000 1/87 ho

oregon coast railroad, 1/87 scale


Tillamook Grain Coop Elevator, 3D-printed, 1/87 HO scale.

This on Roger's current POTB / Oregon Coast RR Model Railroad

client's request, 1/87 scale

DS Bldg 10 blower vent.jpg

3D printed roof vents

DS Bldg 03 angle1.jpg

Warehouse Facade 2" deep


3DP Electrical

DS Bldg 05 wheel n box.jpg

3DP Rollers

client's request, 1/87 scale

07 redc.jpg

estuary study, 1/87 scale


The majority of my models can be seen on my other website

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