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Utility Poles - From Port Orford Cedar

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Inspired by customer inquiry! Our new tapered utility poles are now available in a prototypical 85' length (HO scale). These poles, made from white cedar, are  26" at the base and 12" at the top. Each package has 18 poles, enough for one car load.

Dunstan Fandel's complete and well done instructions are included with each package and also posted below.

(  Dunstan's work is meticulous. )

Scroll down to get the instructions and also to see comparison prototype vs. model dimensions sheet.


HO scale model by Dunstan Fandel.


Prototype photos of unknown origin

Pole Ends PT BW.jpg
Doug Geiger DSCN2703.JPG
Doug Geiger DSCN2702.JPG
Util Pole open pkg autolvl.jpg

CSP "Blond" Utility Poles

CSP "Creosote" Utility Poles

Utility Poles Creosote photo (4).jpg

Download this PDF document:

Utility Pole Load Product Instructions

Click the Car Load Below

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