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New on the scene!  I have enjoyed so many awesome suggestions since the initial release of the Sawdust Burner, I just kept going.  Now there's two more. These smaller kits began as accessories for the burner, however it's become obvious they can be used with other industrial operations or even alone.

     The conveyor belt kit gives you both a head start and a bunch of options: Go with two of the the tried-n-true two-unit 40 foot systems plus horizontal lead-ins. Or switch it up and kitbash a one-of-a-kind presentation. Over 32 parts including two types of belt frames and two sets of legs. Plus more coming all the time, as I have such a bad habit of stuffing the box! (My favorite thing!)

     The cyclone dust / chip collector kit will fit nicely against the side of the chip burner, however this could just as well be added to many other custom structures or kitbash jobs. Might even do well just lying in the yard.  Our good fellow Citrus just can't wait to lug one into the wrecking yard, so if yours is missing, you'll know where to find it.

Update 01/03/24: Kit includes eight 20-foot sections of "Fancy Modern" type belt frames and six 20-foot "Old Timer's" sections for a whopping 160 + 120 = 280 potential feet of conveyor belts!  Good night!


Click Here to see a video that shows how I "weld" the framing together to create the Conveyor Belt. 

This video shows how you can WELD this 3D-printed material faster than you can glue it with CA!

Click Image Below for details:
HO scale Conveyor Belt

Cyclone Dust Collector

Update 1/3/24  Kit includes TWO Cyclone units per box plus an extra base-mounted feature!

Click image below for more photos and info re:
Cyclone Dust Collector


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