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Soft Action #5 tweezers are perfect for adding the dead branches and finishing off micro-detail at the top of the tree.  Soft-Action means they won't spring back on you when you want to maintain a hold but have sufficient release when required.  Made in Pakistan.


"Japanese" Awl Tools...

These are darn nice for poking holes in things. Essentially a leather punch. I found them helpful for making trees with the older green foliage material which was tough. The new material is easier to work with and no special tools are needed.  


Hemostats - 6" Pean type

6" Pean Hemostats are great for holding trees while "planting" on the layout. Much better than using your fingers as they allow you to place trees closer together while keeping knuckles and fingers from breaking carefully placed dead branches. The jaws have ridges. Once you try them, you'll be gripped!

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