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Used in conjunction with our All New Green Branches, you can quickly and easily produce your very own old-growth trees for spectacular drama. 

We actually use two types of wood, as follows:

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Type #1: Cedar-material
(Port Orford or White Cedar):

  • Softer material permits excellent bark detail.

  • Available in larger diameters like 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 15/16 inches.

  • This is the best material for making what I consider "Old Growth Trees"; big, heavy old trees.

All of our Old Growth trunks are made from this "White" Port Orford Cedar.

Detail at left shows 11" trunks - Port Orford Cedar.

Type #2: Bamboo material
Tougher than cedar.
Used on "second growth" 6" and 8" sizes only.

Stock material is available in only in one diameter, 3/16 inch.

The harder, narrower material makes it better suited for smaller trees which one might consider to have a "second growth" appearance.

All packages of trunks with realistic-looking "dead branches", an intricate desert plant material, wooden "planting pins", and instructions.  You can use hot glue, Super Tacky glue, and/or drill holes in the trunk and add the dead branches for an added effect (e.g. make a dead "snag" tree). 


Considering making your own style of fir tree using Caspia or furnace filter? Try our tapered cedar trunks, which will save the time and effort you'd spend whittling away on hardwood dowels.  Have extra trunks from a kit you purchased earlier? Get a bit of extra foliage to go with.  Going for a larger forest and want reduced packaging and bulk savings? We have trunks in bulk and full sheets 16x24 inches of the Green Branches Foliage Material we make right here.  Our hope is to compliment your creativity with scenery supplies to match.

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Custom Redwood/Sequoia Trunks

for those Large Projects

Movies, Ponds, Nome Villages, etc.

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