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A Battery Operated Radio-Controlled Shortline Layout in 1/87

On this railroad, the focus is Tillamook, Oregon and the surrounding areas, sometime between 1975 and 1995. The salt air and geologically unstable mountains play havoc with existing (and now defunct) rail lines.  On the north coast, the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad (POTB - now the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad), a former Southern Pacific branch route, is the primary inspiration. However, as I personally reside on the southern part of the Oregon coast, I am also influenced by the Coos Bay Rail Line (CBRL), which is yet another former SP coastal branch line.

Salmonberry tunnel STOP sign.jpg

The HO-scale layout plan seeks to capture a portion of the Tillamook Branch stretching from southern Tillamook, near the blimp hangar and industrial area, to an area on the west side of the coastal range, known as Batterson Siding.  This carries us through several areas located along the Oregon coastline, as well as the inland country along the Nehalem River. I will attempt to make representations of the coastal towns of Tillamook, Garibaldi, Wheeler, and the Mohler area. At the end of the layout, there is a fictitious tunnel I use to represent the Salmonberry Creek region. In reality this leads us nowhere (into the wall).  Thus, this is essentially a point-to-point switching layout.

At this point, about 80% of the forest scenery is complete. At present, I am working to complete the estuary, structures, roads etc.  All is done in HO scale (1/87) except for the most western end of the Nehalem estuary / river mouth area, fading away into the distance at a scale of approximately 1/1000. In reality there is a 3 foot distance used for this area that has no rails. The dredger in the distance is less than two inches long.

7P on hillside layout.jpg
Estuary 10-21 still no water boat signs navigation.jpg

Nehalem Estuary pre-water (lowest tide ever)

I also enjoy making videos. This is something at which I hope I am making a little progress.

This is my original layout plan which is close to what I have now.

farm w coop 1.jpg

Updated 10/5/22 finally added some grass and briars to this stretch and now working on getting that chicken coop assembled! Still needs more weeds, some taller grass, etc. :)

I would love to share information and techniques, so please email me with any questions (or concerns!). Thanks! -Rog

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