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PREMIUM, SNAG, and Double-Trunk Trees are now available as Ready-To-Ship in the LOTS section. Thanks!!


What is a snag tree, you ask? A critical component of a forest, a “Snag” generally refers to an older, long-left-for-dead tree. Decay has set in, and many smaller branches have dropped to the forest floor.Tree bark has fallen off, and the sun has “bleached” the core wood a silvery-grey color on the outside. Ants and termites chew holes and woodpeckers follow them, enlarging the holes. In a moist area, plants may start to grow on the tree. Don’t forget green mosses, teal lichens, and brown shelf mushrooms. A tree-like this appears as a giant stick protruding up into the air; an object with the ability to “snag”something else, perhaps a more desirable tree a faller is trying to aim toward the ground using the saw.“Arrgh! That *$&;# Snag!” Hence, snags set the scene for stories.Snags may have a slight lean. Eventually, they will fall over and kiss the earth! I have termed this a Lying Snag. (Lying Snags always tell the truth, heh heh!)

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