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While every tree you see here is handmade in Oregon, the Big Trees stand out as having the greatest "detail - to - height" ratio.  That's because to take full advantage of the modeling opportunity, a big model really forces you to pack in the tiniest details .


Every Big Fir Tree features a custom shaped one-of-a-kind real wood trunk. This trunk is often both lathe-milled and hand-carved.  Lathe-milling yields a totally straight and perfectly round trunk, which is appropriate for modeling tall, straight trees.  The base will not be flared.Hand carving  results in more irregularities, and is the means by which we can make flared trunk bases, similar to how a cedar tree trunk base appears. I use exclusively Port Orford Cedar, which has a light color and takes on dyes well. It is also soft enough to take on the engraved "bark detail" very well, also performed by hand.

From this point, trees can be made with either a "medium" level of detail, or a "maximum" level.

Medium-detail trees have a robust build of green foliage, however they lack dead branches and roots. There is no dead top option on the Medium-detail trees. 

Maximum-detail trees have the same foliage, but a portion is placed upon real wood branches that are firmly mounted into the trunk. Building the green foliage upon the wooden branches is as real as it gets. Add to this a multitude of dead and hanging branches, mosses and lichen details, perhaps a "tinge of singe" (fire damage), and some seriously fine rooty details, and you have the best representation of an old growth tree that I can provide.


Medium-Detail Fir Trees


Maximum-Detail Fir Trees

16 inch Fir Trees Medium Detail

16 inch Medium-Detail Fir Trees 
Made 01/12/24

22 inch Fir Trees Medium Detail

22 inch Medium-Detail Fir Trees 
Made in 2022

medium detail

Big fir Trees

maximum detail

Big Snag Trees

These larger Snag Trees are a real eye-catcher. They come with all the details including copious dead branches, roots, moss, and lichens. Because I use plant-based materials for the branches, they are fragile, particularly about the periphery. They require careful packaging and upon arrival will require some "disentanglement" from numerous small paper strips. For my very best large Snag Trees, be sure to see the Redwood/Sequoia snags on the Redwoods page.

Also Available Upon Request:

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Make Your Own

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