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Three sizes of "Old Growth" Kits

and a Variety Pak Kit

Fir Trees Kit

Port Orford Cedar Trunks used to make 7", 9", and 11" Trees (shown)


Are you wanting to make your own high quality fir trees but just needed a helping hand? Our Fir Tree Kits do just that - and get you going on a Scenic Old Growth Style of tree that is dramatic and detailed.  You build the tree, then you can make them as detailed as you like, or not!

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All of our kits come with our unique cedar trunks, tapered to a fine point just like many real trees.  And now, they come with our ALL NEW Green Branches foliage material.  This new material is made from coconut coir and my very own formula of Conifer Green Port Orford Cedar Turf.  This is no ordinary sawdust: Port Orford Cedar is the perfect material for making naturally-derived scenic "ground foam".  It is sifted, dyed, and dried to exact specifications. The combination exhibits fine detail and prototypical color.  I believe it appears more similar to the needles and undersides of real trees than any other material I have seen.  But, decide for yourself from the photos.

Also, you CAN add Woodland Scenics Conifer Green Turf (Product # T1366) over the armature you create with the Green Branches foliage for a fluffier or heavier appearance, as you see fit.  (I sometimes do this with the Sequoia / Redwood trees). Click Here for a link to that product (opens in another window).

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Fir Tree Kit 7

Two sizes of "Second Growth" Kits

7" "Old Growth" Fir Trees with

Port Orford Cedar trunks


The "Old Growth Style" Kits feature Port Orford Cedar trunks with a larger diameter than "Second Growth" style bamboo trunks. These are available in the following heights:

  • 7 inches, 9 inches, 11 inches, and 13 inches.

Model Tree Kit 7

7" Old Growth Kit Contents


The "Second Growth Style" Kits feature narrower, and stronger, bamboo trunks. The stronger trunks are essential for the fine taper. They are available in the following heights:

  • 6 inches tall

  • 8 inches tall

Model Tree Kit

6" Second Growth Kit Contents

Purchase Here

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Wait after you click; it's slow.

 "second GROWTH" STYLE
(WITH thinner bamboo TRUNKS)
Purchase Here

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This VARIETY PAK Kit is an excellent way to try out our kits. You can make seven trees of height varying from 6 to 11 inches. We pick the trunks, and so each one is a little different. A great starter kit.

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SNAGS (Dead Trees) Kit

Consider a Snag Tree for your layout!

Snag Trees are captivating on any layout or diorama. They are easier to construct than you might think, either by drilling holes with a mini-drill, or by using the Hot Glue Method (click here for more info).  Our Snag Trees Kit allows you to build five snags in various sizes ranging from 7 to 11 inches.  Comes with plenty of Dead Branches to permit detailed tree making and the pins to hold 'em upright.

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Bird's Nests

Go Great With Snags!


See them now...

Osprey nest 01.jpg

We even have an

Osprey's Nest!

In fact you get TWO!

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