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Model Fir Trees

Model fir trees are my specialty. At the core of every tree is a unique wooden armature to represent the thin, tapering shape of a real fir tree trunk.  For Doug Fir, Red Cedar, Hemlock, Pine, or just a generalized “mountain fir tree”, this is the starting point.

     Bring on the green foliage! Modelers have successfully used asparagus fern, Caspia, and furnace filter. However, in my quest to make this easier, yet still offer appreciable results, I developed Green Branches Foliage Material - a specific combination of layered, matted plant fibers and finely processed, dried-&-dyed cedar sawdust, held fast with PVA (aka “white glue”).  This material is soft enough to be easily pulled apart and positioned on the trunk, yet stiff enough to maintain the imparted shapes added to it. Still handmade to this day in “sheets”, Green Branches Foliage is like no other in the model scenery industry. And as a consequence of using natural materials from real trees, it just turns out that these model trees are about 95% “real tree”!

     Despite their  “Western US" appearance, Coastmans fir trees are coveted by modelers everywhere who desire an older forest look. I have trees ranging in size from 6 inches on up. If you are looking for mountainous fir trees, you may have found the place.

     Since 2010, I have produced fir tree models and kits by hand at the "near-commercial" level. I’ve been continually learning how to make trees since first experimenting  with scrubber pads and skewer sticks in 1999!                

-Roger Rasmussen, Owner, TreeMaker

Scenery Details

Scenery details bring it all the together as a forest, and Coastmans strives to create them.  Here you will find such unique items as Hollow Logs, Bird's Nests, Forest Floor, and StumpStuff, a conglomeration of natural materials collected outdoors All of the products are gathered or made here from natural materials. Some are left in their natural state after drying, or "dyed and dried" with only alkaline dyes; we never use solvents.


Industrial Details

We now offer small industrial details in both 3D printed versions and casted alloy. These include items ranging from simple shipping pallets to complex HO scale engine parts. Big on the list is a series of automotive parts in HO.

     We have been producing 3D-printed parts for HO and S scale models since 2019, but are now excited to be moving toward a limited-run capacity for model kits!


The oregon coast railroad

A semi-ficticious route, the Oregon Coast Railroad is derived from the SP Tillamook Branch formerly connecting that part of the Oregon Coast with the rest of the USA.  Previously operated as the Port of Tillamook Bay Railroad, you'll see elements of that herein. This "giant diorama" is essentially testing grounds for new types trees and details. The OCR is a point -to-point switching layout in HO with an emphasis on unique scenery and scratchbuilding.

Note: In order to offer low-cost items, I now have an order minimum of $23.75 USD. This enables you to try one tree kit, but I need to sell multiple small items at once (e.g. scenery details) in order to cover the processing and packaging time for the order. Thanks ahead for your understanding!

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