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Logging Grapple Hook


Coastmans is now offering a 3-D resin printed  Log Grapple in HO (1/87) scale. This is a  highly detailed model of a logging grapple which is used in the logging industry to grasp and lift logs onto and off of railcars and log trucks.  There is considerable nut-bolt-washer detail. The model has a light coasting of yellow acrylic and India wash for a mild weathered effect. (Some images show extensive weathering; we don't provide that, but it serves as an example of how the model can be finished.) It is non-positionable in that the hydraulic cylinder does not function. This listing is for one log grapple model in HO scale.

Auto Parts on Pallets


If you are rusty nut like me, you will appreciate these cast alloy auto parts on pallets in HO scale. Each is painted and weathered, or rather pre-rusted! The pallets are 3D printed, so if you get REALLY close up, you can see the printing lines, but from just a foot or so away they look pretty sharp.  Then you'll need a forklift to get 'em outta the road and clear the way for more inbound metal scrap to fill those gons.

     Choose from axles, transmissions, engines, transaxles, CV joints (coming), and railroad couplers.

pile of axles on pallet 2.jpg

1/87 axles on pallet

1/87 Motors

4cyl motor.jpg


trannys x 2_edited.jpg


RR couplers OVHD_edited.jpg
RR couplers x 2 CU_edited.jpg

Railroad Couplers 1/87

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